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Divorce and Alimony

Discover how a mediator successfully navigates a difficult divorce case involving alimony disagreements and funding for a child’s overseas education. Learn about the strategies used to reconcile differing views and reach a mutually acceptable resolution


H and W had been married for 20 years. They have a 17 year old child. H was caught having an affair by W and since then there have been constant fights between the two. They decided they want to get divorced.

Parties come for mediation before filing in court. Parties are agreeable to joint custody and joint guardianship of the child but hit an impasse on Alimony. H feels W is stating an amount that is unreasonable and too high and therefore refuses the same.

The Mediation uncovers that W was quoting such a high amount as she wanted to send their child abroad for his higher education. When this was first communicated with H, he refused and felt it was a completely unnecessary investment. As we explored H’s relationship with his Son, he acknowledged a strained relationship. His refusal was being triggered by the fear of not being able to fix the strained relationship if he went away too far.

H refused to budge on alimony. W almost quits the process. Reality checking helped W see that with the Son nearing the age of 18, the courts ability to mandate H to pay the Son’s college expenses was limited and also the time that it would take to get a decision from court. W agreed to let go of her claim to a joint property and H in turn agreed to pay an amount close to what her initial demand was. H agreed to fund son’s graduate education abroad

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