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Privacy policy


– Brief overview of Tara Ollapally’s mediation services.
– Purpose of the policy page to inform clients.

Service policy

– Description of the mediation services offered.
– Eligibility criteria for availing of mediation services.

Privacy policy

– How personal and sensitive information is collected and used.
– Measures taken to protect client confidentiality.
– Any circumstances under which information might be disclosed (e.g., legal requirements).

Cancellation and refund policy

– Details on how to cancel a mediation session.
– Information on any fees or refunds associated with cancellation.

Code of ethics

– Tara Ollapally’s commitment to ethical standards in mediation.
– Expectations from clients regarding conduct and ethics.

Conflict of interest policy

– Explanation of how conflicts of interest are identified and managed.
– Disclosure requirements for both mediator and clients.

Complaints and grievances

– Procedure for clients to raise complaints or grievances.
– Process of how these issues will be addressed.

Data retention policy

– Duration for which client data is retained.
– Procedure for data deletion or anonymization after retention period.

Technology use policy

– Guidelines on the use of technology in mediation (e.g., virtual sessions).
– Security measures for protecting information in digital formats.

Amendments to policies

– Statement on how and when these policies may be updated.
– Obligation of clients to review the policies regularly.

Contact information

– Details on how clients can contact for queries regarding policies.

Acceptance of policies

– Acknowledgement that use of the services implies acceptance of these policies.