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Services I offer

Dispute resolution through out of court professional mediation

1. Mediation

Mediation is a confidential dispute resolution process led by a third party neutral who helps disputing parties find their own solutions through a better understanding of their own needs, the other party’s needs as well as the reality that they face.*

Types of cases I mediate

Inheritance disputes with property based in India 

Disputes that involve siblings based in the US and family property based in India benefit strongly from my services as mediator. Through ensuring the participation of legal counsel in India, I ensure siblings have a good understanding of their legal rights and legal alternatives. I use the mediation process to find quick, relationship enhancing resolutions.

A partnership dispute with business partners 

Through a process of understanding the needs of the business partners, the current and future realities of the business as well the legal risks and opportunities of the situation, I will guide business partners in dispute find outcomes that are agreeable to them in a quick, confidential manner.

Matrimonial dispute

Divorce is a challenging process for couples and their families. I aim to replace hostility and rivalry in traditional dispute resolution with a more constructive environment where both parties can communicate, understand each other, and collaborate on solutions for issues like child custody, child support, alimony, asset division, and other family needs. Research indicates that mediated settlement agreements help couples co-parent effectively post-divorce, benefiting their children's adjustment.

Disagreements among family members in India

Whether within the unit of the nuclear family or in the larger circle of the extended family disputes are normal and unavoidable. I bring my skills as a mediator to help families facing specific issues/concerns to find agreement on an acceptable way forward. My process seeks to open communication, allow authentic emotion, remove judgement and promote understanding. Many issues, especially within families arise because of the avoidance or inability to hold difficult conversations.

Why choose mediation?

2. Dialogue Facilitation

As a dialogue facilitator, I leverage my mediation skills to guide conversations between individuals or groups. Creating a safe and inclusive environment, I promote open, constructive communication and facilitate crucial conversations that are necessary to prevent dispute.

3. Training

I routinely train mediators in India. I also enjoy teaching conflict prevention using mediation skills to non-legal professionals. If you are interested in building the collaborative, problem solving muscle of your team, please reach out to me. I am happy to curate a specialised program for you.

Contact me

I dont work with too many clients at a time. When I take you on as a client,  I want to fully invest in your dispute and have the space to design a meaningful and effective resolution process.

If you think I am the right dispute resolution professional for your dispute, please reach out. I’ll be happy to answer your questions