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Terms of use


 – Welcome to Tara Ollapally’s Mediation Services.
– These Terms and Conditions govern your use of our services.

Definition of services

– Description of mediation services offered.
– The role of Tara Ollapally as a mediator.

User obligations

– Agreement to provide accurate and truthful information during mediation.
– Commitment to engage in the process in good faith.

Privacy policy

– Explanation of how client data is collected, used, and protected.
– Consent to the use of personal information as per the privacy policy.

Intellectual property

– Statement on the ownership of materials provided by Tara Ollapally.
– Prohibition of unauthorized use of materials and trademarks.


– Assurance of confidentiality in all mediation proceedings.
– Exceptions to confidentiality, if any (e.g., legal requirements).

Limitation of liability

– Disclaimer of liability for decisions made based on mediation.
– Acknowledgement that mediation does not guarantee a resolution.

Fees and payment

– Details of fees for mediation services.
– Terms of payment and any cancellation policy.

Termination of services

– Conditions under which mediation services can be terminated.

Dispute resolution

– Process for resolving disputes related to the mediation services.

Amendments to terms and conditions

– Statement on how and when these terms may be updated.
– Obligation of users to review the terms regularly.

Governing law

– Jurisdiction and law governing the terms and mediation services.

Contact information

– How to contact Tara Ollapally for queries regarding the terms.

Acknowledgement and acceptance of terms

– Statement of user’s acceptance of the terms by using the services.